Tips for Hosting a Great Event in a Small Budget

If you are on a tight budget, but you are still considering hosting an event for your business or organization, then you should know how to make a successful event even if you are limited to the budget range. An event that costs a lot of money and the one that is tightly-budgeted doesn’t make a lot of difference if only you know how to get things right.

So, how are you going to host an event if your budget is not that big? Here’s how:

Create a plan

If you want to host a successful event, you should have a plan first. Make sure that your objectives are all covered as well as your goals. A business event is completely different from a holiday party, so always keep that in mind. Make sure that your guests will know that this is a place for business meetings and opportunities, not a time to have fun and drink all night.

Drinks to serve

To satisfy your guests, you should offer drinks. Since you are on a tight budget, you should prefer the consumption bar instead, wherein you are just going to pay for whatever your guests have consumed instead of buying lots of drinks only to find out that only half of it was consumed.

Calculate all additional fees

Do not disregard the additional fees just because if you don’t sum it up, you will burn a hole in your pocket. If you are going to host your event in a hotel, you should expect that you are going to pay the fees for the bartender and chef separately, the service fees, the power consumption, the security, as well as the loading ducks. If you are working with an event planner, he should be able to show you all the fees that are going to be included in your small business event. Aside from that, you could also negotiate with the owner of the hotel to lessen the fees a little.


You don’t want to have your guests getting bored to death just because this is a business event. Make sure that you can provide them entertainment by hiring a professional DJ to set the atmosphere of the night. You should make sure that your DJ is provided with a great stage so that it can be more appealing to people and leave him to do his job on keeping the energy of the people high.

Create a video presentation

You know too well that your guests will eventually get bored if you ask a representative to come on stage and talk for about half an hour just for the vision of your company. You should just create a video presentation instead if you wanted to have their attention and make sure that it’s brief. Your guests will be more likely to appreciate a 2-minute video presentation rather than someone talking in front for about an hour.

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