Choosing the venue for your event is one of the most important points that you have to go through when you are hosting an event. The venue could make or break your business event therefore you should make sure that you choose the perfect place for a reasonable price. Here are the factors that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the venue for your event:

Type of event

First things first, what type of event are you trying to pull off? Are you going to have a conference, a business meeting, or are you planning to launch a new product or service? The type of event can help you determine the venue that you are looking for. Make sure that there is enough space for networking sessions for your guests and the décor. The lighting also matters too.

Number of attendees

You should also consider the number of attendees because if you have a large number of guests attending to your business event yet you choose a small venue, then your guests will most likely feel uncomfortable and whatever it is that you are trying to disseminate will never reach them especially if the heat is already bothering them. Make sure that the number of the attendees and the size of the room match to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Location of the venue

Making sure that the venue is easily accessed by your guests is important. Otherwise, the attendance will be extremely low, especially if the location of the venue cannot be accessed without a private vehicle. As much as possible, choose a venue that is located in town only, and make sure that there is a public transportation around. Another option is to offer a ride to your guests from their houses to the venue, but it would obviously cost you a lot. If you wanted to be more practical, then limit your search downtown only.


When it comes to planning an event, you could never say the sky is the limit because you have to make sure that your budget is fixed and appropriate. Before you go on looking for the venues that are available in your local area, you should create your budget first and include all expenses that are related to the venue so that you will be able to choose a venue that is within your budget range only. Do not forget to negotiate with the owner to get the best price! Most of the owners wouldn’t offer a discount unless you ask for it.


If you are trying to find a venue that is already decorated, you should make sure that the decoration somehow reflects your business and theme. It will increase the attractiveness of your guests to attend your event and it also helps you set the atmosphere of your business event. If you are working with an event organizer, make sure that he knows the venue décor that is appropriate for you.

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In hosting a successful business event, the venue contributes a major role in making your guests comfortable and the atmosphere itself welcoming. Therefore, you should make sure that you take into consideration in selecting the venue for your event. The following vital points are to be considered:

Accessibility of the venue

You should make sure that the venue can be easily accessed or as much as possible, choose a venue that is located down town instead so that people would most likely go using their vehicles or the public transportation. If you choose a venue that is too far from the city, then it would not be a surprise if the attendance is too low.

Capacity of the room

You should make sure that the venue has enough space to accommodate all of your guests because in choosing the venue, size matters. In fact, it matters the most because the last thing that you want to do is to host a business event where your guests are almost touching elbows with every move they make.

Layout of the room

Considering the lay-out of the room if it matches your theme is also important. For instance, you should take a look at the venue and pinpoint location wherein your guests will be able to have their social interactions. You should also make sure that your guests will be able to navigate around easily without being lead to nowhere with the endless corridors and hallways.

Availability of the AV equipment

If you are going to launch a new product or service, you are most likely to present a short video presentation. Therefore, you should make sure that all technical equipment is available in the venue so that you will be able to utilize it. Aside from that, check the quality, reliability, and ease of use of the equipment.

Decorations of the venue

It’s up to you if you want to decorate the venue by yourself or if you are looking for a venue that is already decorated. You should make sure that the whole place is always clean and furnished so that your guests will feel comfortable roaming around especially during the break-out sessions.

Staff to accommodate

Make sure that you have a team of intelligent staff that could attend to the needs of your guests. If your staff is unresponsive or seems not to be interested in what they are doing, then they could leave a bad impression on your guests in which will reflect on your business as well. Choose a team of staff that is witty, friendly, and intelligent.

Non-standard venues to consider (Casino anyone?)

Everyone knows that you can have a party at your country club, or the Veterans club downtown, or a restaurant, or a dedicated event space. But what if you’re searching for a place that is classy and can accommodate all your friends? Try your local casino. There are Indian Casinos all over the place nowadays and they are always looking for events to host. You can probably even negotiate a great room rate at the attached casino hotel, which is fantastic for party guests who have to travel to get to your party.

This also allows you to host one of the most fun types of events possible – the high roller casino theme. If you’re looking for some ideas about what a high-roller (high limit) theme would be or what casino terms you need to know, try for inspiration.

Price rate

You should be able to get the venue for a reasonable price, especially if it’s an all-inclusive package. Try negotiating with the owner so that you will be able to get the best rates and now that you have created a budget, make sure that you stick to your budget range when it comes to the price rate of the venue

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As a business owner, business events are one of the most crucial points that you should consider especially if you are trying to present a new proposal to your existing and potential investors, and also to meet new people that could help with your business. Whether you are just going to raise a fund or trying to have a conference, seminar, or a plain business event, here is a step-by-step instruction for you to organize a successful business event.

Set a goal

First things first, you should be able to set a goal of your business event. For instance, if it is a fundraising event, then you should set an estimated amount of money as your goal for the night. Or if you are going to launch a new product or service, you should set a goal according to its purpose and significance. In that way, you can start on planning the rest of the event with your goal in mind.

Think of the format and content design

Setting up a goal also means that you’ve set up your budget as well. Once you are done with that, you need to think of the format and content design of your business event. You now have to choose among the different kinds of atmospheres that you want to show off to your guests and decide whether you want a large public scale event or a small private event exclusive for your investors and guests only. If you are going to incorporate a theme, you have to make sure that it would reflect your business well.

Planning the event

It’s time to wrap up things. You have to plan for your business event thoroughly. Make sure that there is detailed information about the financial aspect, the resources, the responsibilities of your crew in hosting the event and even the cash flow. Planning for your event is important to keep things going smoothly.

Choosing the venue

You should now choose the venue for your event. Make sure that your venue can accommodate the number of guests that you are planning to invite for your business event. And also, if you are thinking of an outdoor or indoor event, make considerations if it is appropriate for your business or even the theme. Once you’ve found the perfect venue that is large, easy to access, and already dressed for your theme, it’s about time that you negotiate to get a reasonable rate.


Regarding the food that you will serve for your guests, it’s not the time to make a plan on catering. If you are going to hire a catering service, make sure that the menu that they are going to served are worthy of the price that they are asking for. If you are going to incorporate special diets for your guests, then be creative. As much as possible, avoid standard and cliché menus because serving a good meal affects the impression that you’ll leave to your investors and guests.

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It cannot be denied that being alone at a networking event can be pretty intimidating and you might feel uncomfortable, thus, you end up not enjoying the event. Aside from that, you could also notice that your confidence, wit, and charisma have left you once you are surrounded by different types of people. So, how are you going to survive and enjoy a networking event? Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:

Locate the bar

The first thing that you should do once you have arrived is to locate their bar. It’s always a great idea if you sit in the bar because most of the people are going to the bar in order to get their drink. If you wanted to strike up a conversation with someone, the bar is the perfect place that you should position yourself at.

Just be yourself

As much as possible, be yourself. Be happy and witty and chatty. In that way, you will be able to develop a good relationship with the people around you. If you are not yourself, they will sense your discomfort, and they would eventually start feeling uncomfortable too. Therefore, you should make sure that there is a ‘connection’ between you and your guest so that you will be able to keep in touch with each other even after the event.

Set a goal

Before you attend the party, wearing your most expensive dress and trying to get your hair and make-up done right, make sure that you set a goal for yourself. What is your goal for attending this networking event? As much as possible, make sure that your goals are both realistic and reasonable so that you will be able to achieve whatever it is that you wanted.

Take note of everything

If they tend to give you their business card before ending your conversation, make sure that you take note of it so that when it comes to following up with them, you’ll be more specific and accurate about what you are trying to say.

Make sure to introduce your presence to the organizer

If you want to know more about the organization then you should introduce yourself to the organizer of the event so that you will be able to have an in-depth understanding of the said event. Aside from that, the organizer will also be able to introduce you to the right people that he think you might need to talk to to set you on the right path.

Be friendly around

In making a good impression, you should always keep in mind that you should treat people as if you are just food friends. For instance, if you know that interrupting a conversation just to give your business card will offend your friend, then you should not do that at all costs because they would most certainly throw your business card away. In striking up a good conversation, you should know how to ask great questions so that you will have a good flow of conversation.

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If you are on a tight budget, but you are still considering hosting an event for your business or organization, then you should know how to make a successful event even if you are limited to the budget range. An event that costs a lot of money and the one that is tightly-budgeted doesn’t make a lot of difference if only you know how to get things right.

So, how are you going to host an event if your budget is not that big? Here’s how:

Create a plan

If you want to host a successful event, you should have a plan first. Make sure that your objectives are all covered as well as your goals. A business event is completely different from a holiday party, so always keep that in mind. Make sure that your guests will know that this is a place for business meetings and opportunities, not a time to have fun and drink all night.

Drinks to serve

To satisfy your guests, you should offer drinks. Since you are on a tight budget, you should prefer the consumption bar instead, wherein you are just going to pay for whatever your guests have consumed instead of buying lots of drinks only to find out that only half of it was consumed.

Calculate all additional fees

Do not disregard the additional fees just because if you don’t sum it up, you will burn a hole in your pocket. If you are going to host your event in a hotel, you should expect that you are going to pay the fees for the bartender and chef separately, the service fees, the power consumption, the security, as well as the loading ducks. If you are working with an event planner, he should be able to show you all the fees that are going to be included in your small business event. Aside from that, you could also negotiate with the owner of the hotel to lessen the fees a little.


You don’t want to have your guests getting bored to death just because this is a business event. Make sure that you can provide them entertainment by hiring a professional DJ to set the atmosphere of the night. You should make sure that your DJ is provided with a great stage so that it can be more appealing to people and leave him to do his job on keeping the energy of the people high.

Create a video presentation

You know too well that your guests will eventually get bored if you ask a representative to come on stage and talk for about half an hour just for the vision of your company. You should just create a video presentation instead if you wanted to have their attention and make sure that it’s brief. Your guests will be more likely to appreciate a 2-minute video presentation rather than someone talking in front for about an hour.

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Virtually everyone understands the basics of putting together an event. Of course, it is not rocket science. Nonetheless, do you know there are incredibly good reasons to hire a professional event planner, as opposed to trying to plan the event yourself?

Here are 5 of the best reasons to work with a reputable event planner when it comes to organizing a corporate or social event:

The Event’s Cost

In light of the fact that event planners charge a fee for their services, you may think that you will spend much less money if you plan an event on your own. However, you should know that there is much more to hiring an event planner that just the initial cost.

Namely, a reputable event planner will have valuable networks in the industry. This means that you will easily get discounts and special pricing, which are usually not accessible to the general public. Likewise, an experienced events planner can be able to pick out what is not important, thereby saving you some unnecessary expenses.

Expertise and Experience

Besides having extensive knowledge of the events planning logistics, a professional event planner may also have a great network of dealers that he can call on. Conversely, if you try to do everything by yourself you can end up struggling to find just the perfect supplier for your requirements. In addition, an experienced planner will know what areas have the highest risk of failing, as well as know exactly what measures to take in a bid to minimize the risk of failure.

Time Factor

When it comes to planning a big event, there are numerous things that need to be put in place or confirmed, and a professional events planner will be committed to doing just that. Conversely, if you were planning the event on your own, it would be difficult to find the time to fit all the planning processes around your regular work, life, and family.

Levels of Stress

When it comes to the question of whether to hire a professional event planner or do everything on your own, the issue of stress levels is perhaps the most critical. A professional planner is used to taking all of the challenges that are associated with organizing events, leaving you to enjoy yourself. If you decide to plan the event on your own, even if everything works according to your expectations, you will still be worrying about what could go wrong instead of just enjoying the event.

Event Marketing

Marketing is very critical in the case of corporate events. If you are organizing an event by yourself, how can you ensure that you market it effectively?

For professional event planners, they normally have all of the requisite tools, knowledge, and networks to ensure that any event they organize turns out successful.

Results Matter

When it comes to planning any event, be it corporate or social, perfection is critical. That’s why it is advisable to invest the time and effort to find the best events planner that has experience in the event at hand.
At DCEMA, we are driven by the passion for surpassing clients’ expectations as far as event design and planning is concerned. Our extensive experience in the industry enables us to tailor events to individual needs. We strive to create events that work for you, not add to your worries. If you are looking to create a unique and memorable event that will impact positively on your business, just contact us.

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